Claire Daviss

Hi! My name is Claire Daviss. I’m a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department at Stanford University. I study gender, labor markets, and organizations.

My research focuses on inequities in hiring decisions to advance interactional and organizational theories of social stratification. I use exciting new data sources — administrative and experimental — to improve the field's measurements and theories of hiring inequities. In my dissertation, I ask: does how we hire affect whom we hire? More scientifically speaking, I investigate how structural elements of the hiring process moderate the influence of gender, race, and other biases in hiring decisions. I aim to make contributions to theories of decision-making in organizations and its implications for inequality, as well as advance best practices for companies seeking to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Before coming to Stanford, I worked for several years at the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C. I graduated cum laude from Yale College with a Bachelor’s in Ethics, Politics, and Economics in 2014. In my free time, I enjoy running medium-to-long distances and getting bossed around by my highly opinionated dog. 

I am always excited to collaborate with companies who are interested in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplaces through data-driven solutions. Please email me at if you'd like to chat!