Claire Daviss

Hi! My name is Claire Daviss. I’m a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department at Stanford University. I study gender, work, and organizations.

My research focuses on how the structure of work and organizational processes affect inequality in the workplace. In my dissertation, I ask: does how we hire affect whom we hire? More scientifically speaking, I investigate how structural elements of the hiring process moderate the influence of gender, race, and class biases in hiring decisions, using analyses of administrative and experimental data. I hope this work will yield theoretical contributions to how we understand work, organizations, and inequality, as well as practical implications for companies seeking to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Before coming to Stanford, I worked for several years at the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C. I graduated cum laude from Yale College with a Bachelor’s in Ethics, Politics, and Economics in 2014.

I am always excited to collaborate with companies who are interested in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplaces through data-driven solutions. Please email me at if you'd like to chat!